Window Care and Repair

Repair or replace? - when a window has been affected by wood decay this is often a dilemma. The Oxford Decorating team are fully trained in window care and repair systems, a cost saving alternative to window replacement. The best paint or wood stain is only as good as the quality of the substrate and the quality of the surface preparation. Failure to specify correctly prior-to-paint has wide financial implications:

  • Premature breakdown of exterior wood finishes leaves wood unprotected resulting in wood decay
  • Using linseed oil putty can contribute to early break down of the finish
  • Using traditional timber repair methods also contribute to early break down of repairs and subsequently break down of protective coating

The window care system can be used for:

  • A complete system for prior-to-paint joinery
  • Repairing existing windows instead of replacing them
  • Listed buildings and modern buildings
  • Conservation of traditional sash windows
  • General timber repair for all timber construction

The benefits of the window care system are:

  • Costly replacement of existing windows can be avoided
  • Minimum disturbance to tenants
  • Pro-longs re-decoration cycles
  • Reduces future maintenance costs

Factors influencing durability of joinery repairs

  • Failure to take preventative measures
  • Incorrect specification
  • Moisture content
  • Residual softwood, decayed wood and denatured wood
  • Presence of dust or dirt
  • Using tools such as a chisel or hammer that damage timber structure
  • Blunt cutters
  • Presence of weathered timber
  • Surface contamination
  • Burnt timber surface
  • Bare timber left exposed
  • And many more..